Patient testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carianne Vermeulen for helping my son with his speech and language development. My son Kamogelo who was five years old at the time was struggling to speak and express himself. I then took him to Carianne who worked with him for a year. I could already see a significant difference in my child’s speech after only two months. Kamogelo’s speech has improved tremendously and he can now communicate and tell me how his day was at school. We are forever thankful and may the grace of the Lord be with you always. - Abanea Saokoe

Carianne worked with my son Zach extensively for over a year. I found her to be incredibly professional and to really go the extra mile for Zach. Carianne would drive to do speech therapy at my son’s school 5 days a week. In order to keep my husband and I up to date with Zach’s progress she complied a book that she would send home with all of Zach’s words laminated and designed especially for him. My husband and I decided that we wanted to augment Zach’s speech therapy by adding sign language and so Carianne paid for herself and joined my husband and I on the Tiny Handz sign language course in order to assist Zach further. This not only added Zach in his receptive but also his expressive speech. Carianne assisted us with exercises that we could do with Zach on a daily basis that he would enjoy and so it made learning to talk a fun exercise for the entire family. I think as a mom one of my happiest moments was when Carianne sent a little movie clip to me at work one day of Zach saying his own name for the first time - that is a memory that I will savour forever and something that I owe all to Carianne and the endless effort she put in to get Zach talking despite all the specialists and MRIs saying he would never be able to talk. Thank you Carianne - you are very special and we miss you! – Kerry-Jane Coleman

My 6 jarige seuntjie, wat van kleins af al met 'n lisp gepraat het, is net na sy 6de verjaarsdag verwys na Carianne vir spraakterapie. As gevolg van Carianne se spesiale aanslag met kinders, haar geduld en onuitblusbare entoesiasme, was dit elke keer vir hom 'n heerlike uitstappie om weer vir spraakterapie te gaan. Carianne het binne 'n paar maande wondere verrig en met sy gereelde oefeninge en weeklikse besoeke, het hy binne 'n baie kort tydperk die korrekte "s" klank bemeester. – Rina van der Merwe

My son Zach was diagnosed with speech apraxia and needed urgent speech therapy intervention. He took to Carianne immediately and his progress has been remarkable; at 2 years 6 months he had a vocabulary of less than 10 words, with Carianne's help he quickly progressed to more than 40 words as well as linking 2 or more words together in sentences in less than 2 months. His confidence levels increased dramatically and he attempts to pronounce more words all the time, instead of just the hand gestures he used before. We heard singing in our home for the first time after only a few sessions. He mimics and tries to repeat everything we say, the communication barrier is slowly being overcome. We are very grateful to Carianne and we are extremely proud of Zach. Friends and family can't believe the change in such a short time frame. – Ronele Coetzee

Carianne has provided empathetic and insightful support to the rehabilitation process. As a speech therapist, her role in the rehabilitation team has been critical to Eugene’s improvement on more levels than can be seen or measured. In addition to the positive strides in his ability to communicate facilitated by her therapeutic skills, both the patient and his wife look forward to her therapy sessions for the warmth and genuine interest that she shows in their well-being. – Alan & Jean Du Toit

Ons is baie tevrede met Tian se verbetering en wil vir jou baie dankie se. Ek is so bly ek het maar besluit om hom na jou te stuur, voor hy graad R toe moet gaan volgende jaar. Dit is wonderlik hoe 'n jy in 'n relatiewe kort tydjie so 'n verandering kon maak. Hy het sy klassies by jou baie geniet. – Nici Zeeman

Our experience with Lindi has been phenomenal. When our 3 year old daughter was diagnosed by a Psychologist with PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) we didn’t know what that was and how to deal with it. Our daughter lost the 2 words “bye bye teacher” that she was starting to learn and could not say any words. At 3 years she would babble like a baby, randomly scream and didn’t maintain any eye contact with us. She was less aware of the environment that she was in, didn’t care for anyone, could be clumsy sometimes and she would cry for no reason. This frustrated me a lot especially the clumsiness as I battled to go out with her especially when I had to do shopping. The sessions that she has been having with Lindi have brought about a major change and development in her personality. She is now a sweet, loving, smiling, playing, laughing daughter. She maintains eye contact & reads your lips when you are talking, recently we’ve recorded her a couple of times saying some words and singing some of her crèche songs with her brother. She is now ready to learn the meaning of the words and we are so proud of her and grateful for the assistance that she is receiving from Lindi . – Lungiswa Yiwani